Mini sessions

Fall Family Mini Sessions 2019 | Denison Texas



Every year we get so excited to do these super simple fall mini sessions! It gives families a chance to get their photos updated without overly themed props for the holidays (those come later! :P)

Luckily- things started out sunny and beautiful! We were mildly complaining about how hot it was. Then the clouds started creeping in and making us a teeny bit nervous….then the rain started POURING. We were able to get through half of the minis and had to reschedule the rest! But thank goodness we got through half before the rain hit!

Denison Texas | Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions | Dallas Texas Photographer

We had Pumpkin Minis last weekend in the cutest little pumpkin patch in Downtown Denison Texas! We only had one rain shower the whole time. Which is great because the forecast told us it was 100% chance ALL day.


We had the sweetest families, with kiddos that just couldn’t get enough of these pretty pumpkins! Each family got to pick out a little pumpkin and take it home. The kids had so much fun picking their pumpkins! Here are some of our favorites from the day!

Texas Fall Family Mini Sessions Part 1

Our first little batch of Fall Family Minis are hheeeerreeee!! We had to do a bit of rescheduling due to the insane rain we got last weekend, so we only had two this past Wednesday and will have the rest soon! These sweet families are just so precious!