Disney World Family Session

Disney World Family Photo Session | Orlando, Florida | Marney Family

Ya’ll…. there can be some really tough things about being a photographer, but there are also some REALLY AMAZING things about a photographer too! Like, for instance, being asked to come out to Disney World to do a family session! Talk about a dream! Sadly Amanda could not join us this time around. She like, had to be a super amazing mom and stuff, so Avalon came to keep me company!

Anybody that knows Ashlan knows that she is IN LOVE with Disney. I wish I knew the exact number of times shes been there, but I do know it can’t be counted on both hands. I believe little Sailor said this was her 11th time! This awesome lady should definitely be a Disney World vacation planner because she made our trip so effortless and her tips on what to do and eat were priceless.

We woke up super early and got into Magic Kingdom before the park opened. Ashlan and her gorgeous family strolled Main Street all the way down to the castle. Little interjection: Magic Kingdom reminded me so much of Edinburgh, Scotland. There was a longggg Main Street that led all the way to the castle at the end there too! So fun! We arrived at the base of the castle and couldn’t help but to stand and stare. It was so beautiful! We finished up our session just as the Welcome Show to announce the opening of the park was starting.

I am SO SO thankful to Ashlan for the opportunity and for choosing us to do their family session! Disney was always something I wanted to do as an adult but I never pulled the trigger! I am so glad we got to go and am definitely planning another trip in the future! Check out the highlights from their session below!