Oklahoma Wedding | Choctaw Casino | Durant, Oklahoma | Brittney & Tucker

GOSH. This wedding!

I’m pretty sure we start every wedding blog at a loss for words because DANG. We sure do love our jobs! Like…We get to celebrate love every darn day! AHH.

Back to our regular scheduled programming…Brittney and Tucker! These two had their wedding on a sunny day in Durant, Oklahoma at the Choctaw Casino and Resorts. Which could not have been more perfect because it was H O T outside y’all. We stayed inside in the AC for 99% of the day, which made for a happy bride and groom!

We started the day in Brittney’s room in the resort. Gathering her details and making sure to photograph each one carefully (one of our favorite parts of the wedding day is details!). We got to see her engagement ring at her bridal session (Click HERE to see her bridals!) but actually photographing it up close made us melt. It is SO gorgeous! We are suckers for vintage style rings, and all things rose gold! This ring is to die for! All of her other details were rose gold and sparkly…SWOON.

The energy in the room was high and there were LOTS of smiles all around! Brittney was a super laid back bride as well, which always makes the getting ready time so much fun.

Natalie went to take photos of the guys getting ready while Amanda stayed to get the bride getting into her dress. (Perks of two photographers…shameless plug) The guys were so much fun! One of the things we try to do when the groom is getting ready at the same location as the bride, is photograph his details just like we do the brides! Luckily they were all in the same place so we got to do this.

Brittney and Tucker didn’t want to do a first look, but wanted to have a special moment before the ceremony. So we had Tucker come up to Brittney’s room for this! There was this cool wall that separated the living area and the bed, so we had Tucker on one side and Brittney on the other to where they could hold hands but not actually see each other! They shared a sweet moment, then we all made our way downstairs to the ceremony.

The ceremony was perfect of course, and complete with a traditional Choctaw blanket ceremony at the end. So neat! Afterwards, we took the bridal party down to the casino and did some really neat photos there. Then took the bride and groom outside for super quick sunset portraits. (EVERY bride should make sure this fits in their timeline! SO worth it!) We ran back up stairs just in time for them to be introduced into their reception! Which was SO much fun! Our favorite DJ -David Tarvin at Cadence Studios is just so amazing at keeping the party going and reading the room. He is so great! (So great…he was actually Amanda’s DJ at her wedding 6 years ago! HA!)

Everyone danced all night long, then the sweet couple ended their wedding day with one last special dance by themselves.

Brittney and Tucker- We wish you both happiness and all the love in the world! We are so very thankful and honored that you chose us to photograph and celebrate your wedding day! Congratulations!!

Vendors from the day:
Venue: Choctaw Casino & Resorts
Coordinator: Fawn Hollow Events
Makeup Artist: Taylor Marquez
Cake Artist: Frosted Art Bakery & Studio
DJ: Cadence Studios
Videographers: Brandon Handy Media
Florist: Country Florist

Summer Bridal Session | Choctaw | Durant, Oklahoma | Brittney

It's always SO much fun to photograph old friends. In this case, I (Amanda) had absolutely no clue that this Brittney was the same Brittney I knew in high school from swim team! Ha! Natalie does all of our messaging, emails, and scheduling stuff (yeah she's pretty much amazing) so I just saw on the calendar "Brittney's bridals" and didn't even think twice about it.

We walk into the area where she is getting ready, I say "Hi!" and then quickly realize who she was and felt so crazy! I hadn't seen her since high school (10 years ago) and here we are photographing her bridals...and her wedding! I love it!

When Brittney mentioned doing her bridal portraits on the Choctaw grounds in Durant, Oklahoma, we were so thrilled! It's so much fun for us to photograph new locations, especially with this cool staircase and architecture. 

Brittney is so naturally beautiful, she made our job SO easy! With the help of her mom, dad, and brother, she nailed her bridal session! We can't wait for her wedding day! -Although if you're reading this, her wedding day was YAY!!