Bridal Session

Mary | Bridals | Arbor Hills Dallas Texas



GOSHHHH you guys. Mary’s bridals were SO beautiful! She mentioned using Arbor Hills as our location and we got so excited! The weather was perfect, and she rocked her session! I think I said “OMG you look like a princess” like 800 times but it’s fine. HA!

Bridals are seriously one of our favorite types of sessions. We have the opportunity to really take time to photograph the bride in her dress, which doesn’t always happen on the wedding day! We typically grab a few shots during portraits of just the bride, but nothing even close to an entire bridal session! Plus its an amazing trail run for your hair and makeup people to make sure everything is perfectly the way you want it!

Mary- You are so beautiful!!!

Eva | Downtown Denison Texas Bridal Session | The Katy Depot


Eva’s bridal session at The Katy Depot was one for the books! She is absolutely STUNNING! Eva is such a natural beauty, it was SO easy to photograph her! Stay tuned for Eva and Paul’s wedding blog coming this week!

Bridal Session at The Farmhouse Estates | Pottsboro, Texas | Mandi

I literally don’t even have words for how gorgeous Mandi is! Her bridal session at The Farmhouse Estate in Pottsboro, Texas was one I will remember forever! The original plan was to do her bridal session out on the land that we use often.

BUT, the rain had other plans.

We emailed Mandi the day before her scheduled session and suggested we move them to her wedding venue since there was still more rain in the forecast, and the land would be super muddy. Mud and wedding gowns don’t mix well!
Luckily, the super awesome owner of The farmhouse Estates was available on short notice to let us in for photos!

No joke…the forecast said like 90% chance of rain…there was no rain. It was beautiful and sunny! Which was absolutely PERFECT for her bridals here. Like literally the most beautiful setting for Mandi! We are SO excited for her wedding!

-Although by the time this is posted…it will have already happened! :)

Summer Bridal Session | Choctaw | Durant, Oklahoma | Brittney

It's always SO much fun to photograph old friends. In this case, I (Amanda) had absolutely no clue that this Brittney was the same Brittney I knew in high school from swim team! Ha! Natalie does all of our messaging, emails, and scheduling stuff (yeah she's pretty much amazing) so I just saw on the calendar "Brittney's bridals" and didn't even think twice about it.

We walk into the area where she is getting ready, I say "Hi!" and then quickly realize who she was and felt so crazy! I hadn't seen her since high school (10 years ago) and here we are photographing her bridals...and her wedding! I love it!

When Brittney mentioned doing her bridal portraits on the Choctaw grounds in Durant, Oklahoma, we were so thrilled! It's so much fun for us to photograph new locations, especially with this cool staircase and architecture. 

Brittney is so naturally beautiful, she made our job SO easy! With the help of her mom, dad, and brother, she nailed her bridal session! We can't wait for her wedding day! -Although if you're reading this, her wedding day was YAY!!