5 months old

Amanda Life Update | Hudson is 5 months Old, and Eli started Pre-School!

5 M O N T H S !!!! That’s almost half a year! HOW. Time is going by so quickly. I think second babies have a way of speeding up time! Lots has happened in the last month, and this is the best way to catch everyone up, so here we are! It always makes my heart so happy when our sweet clients ask about my babies, it reminds me to connect on a personal level and invite you all in to my life a little more!

Hudson sleeps all night most of the time (not last night…ha!)
He laughs and giggles, but he reserves the biggest belly laughs for Eli and the dogs!
He doesn’t have any teeth yet, but chewing on everything in sight.
He started reaching for our food and mimicking when we chew…it’s pretty hilarious!
He loves to be sitting up (with help) or standing (also with help).
He is still spitting up like crazy, but isn’t in any reflux pain so it’s just a laundry problem. Ha!

We transitioned him to his crib several weeks ago since he outgrew the bassinet, and he actually sleeps really well in it! Such a night and day difference of how Eli slept when he was little. Hudson naps 2-3 times a day on a pretty consistent schedule (YAY for some structure! I was going crazy ha!). Typically for Hudson’s morning nap, Eli will have “quiet time” -aka he goes in his room and plays games on his tablet for an hour. While I work, then during Hudson’s other naps Eli and I get one on one time together.

Another HUGE thing that happened over the last month, is that Eli started Preschool! Why is this such a big deal you ask?

1. I have struggled with specific anxiety/phobia for the last 22 years of my life that make it really difficult for me to be okay with Eli being around any other kids. (more on that story another time)
2. He has never ever been away from me with someone other than family! Not even a babysitter!

He goes twice a week for just a few hours a day, and my goodness we LOVE it. He loves it so much and is so excited for school days, and I love it because his school hours match Hudson’s nap time, so I have time to work with NO mom guilt…HECK YES.

Typically this time of year is when I lose my marbles a little bit and get really overwhelmed trying to keep up with work/family/social life/etc. This year I THINK I have a good system in place to have that not happen! I’ll say it for the 2928409148093849 millionth time…Having a business partner in the wedding photography world is THE single greatest thing that has ever happened to me (other than like…my kids birth and stuff) We have such a great system in place and Natalie is constantly asking if I’m okay or need help with my side of the work! Seriously she is amazing.

Anyways…here are some super cute (I may be a bit biased) photos of my boys!

I got the CUTEST alpaca lovey for Hudson from Slumberkins! It was definitely supposed to be a Christmas gift buuuut I was too excited ha! It came with the sweetest book and card about being strong. I’m obsessed!

Llama Teether: Posh Little Pig
Moccasins: Freshly Picked