Las Vegas Trip || Ethel M's Botanical Garden

By now it should be pretty clear that I, Natalie, LOVE all things cacti and succulents. Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to Las Vegas with my friend and business partner of The Downtown Exchange, Avalon, and my husband Andy. Andy has made this trip for work for the last two years and has attended conferences called Black Hat and DEF CON. Please don't ask me what they are. All I know is that one is a hackers conference and the other deals with some other computery thing. lol.

This year we had plenty of notice and decided to tag along! While Andy attended the conference, Avalon and I spent our time either at the Go Poolat The Flamingo Hotel or Carlos n Charlie's. $5 Margaritas? Yes, please! Plus all the free water your heart could desire! That's something to treasure in Vegas considering water is like $5 a bottle. We got to try lots of yummy food and go on The High Roller which was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the trip. Finally, we finished up with a trip to the By the Pound Goodwill before heading to the airport. 

But with all that being said.... the thing that trumped it all... was... Ethel M's CACTUS GARDEN! YES friends, CACTUS GARDEN. Our dream come true and It did not disappoint! Check out some of our favorite shots of the day below. By the way, they are first and foremost a chocolate shop and had the most delicious chocolate we've ever had, hence the last picture! Ha!