What's In Our Bags?



We’ve been meaning to get this post up for FOREVER y’all! We did a poll a while back on Instagram about what we should post more of on the blog. We are pushing into the educational side of photography and got several suggestions for a post on what we carry in our bags! So here we are!

We both started off with our brown House of Flynn Mini Evermore bags. Technically Natalie bought hers first and I loved hers so much that I had to have one of my own! We LOVE these bags so much, and typically carry them with us on smaller sessions since they are the perfect size to hold one body and a few lenses!


Our smaller evermore bags are GREAT! But we have a lot of gear, and we take most of it to every wedding! So Natalie, once again, bought the House Of Flynn rolling suitcase first. I LOVED hers so much that I got my own! When we traveled to Colorado for a wedding in 2017, we took these with us since they are carry on complaint and they were so perfect! We pack them full at every wedding and they work so perfectly!


Typically at weddings, we have all 4 of our camera bodies with us. Sometimes we use them all and use our leather harnesses and it’s THE BOMB! We had these custom made from Desired Leather and love them so much!


On to the good stuff! Here is what we take with us to every wedding!

Four Nikon D750 bodies
Two Sigma Art 35mm 1.4
Two Sigma Art 50mm 1.4
One Sigma Art 85mm 1.4
One Sigma Art 135mm 1.8
One Nikon 105 macro 2.8
Two Nikon SB 700 flashes

Not pictured:
2 sets of Phottix flash triggers
Dress hook
Wooden hanger
Removable dress hook for doors and walls
Flash stand

We are working on a post about styling details, so be on the lookout for that next!

HoneyBook | An Easier Way To Stay Organized

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Y’all. Such a life saver! Honeybook does it all. Everything is in one place. Invoicing, questionnaires, everything is automated, it’s literally the best thing ever! We’ve had so many clients talk about how easy it is to navigate as well!
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