Anabelle + Jake | Romantic Garden Wedding | Sherman Texas



Anabelle and Jake got married on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the quaint backyard of a beautiful historic home in Sherman Texas. When Anabelle contacted us for a consultation, we were SO thrilled, but I (Amanda) was a little more giddy than usual! I worked with Anabelle at the pool as lifeguards for several years and was so excited at the thought of photographing her wedding day!

Every detail was perfect. From her beautiful purple necklace that her mama wore on her own wedding day, to the classy mismatched china on the tables, to the incredible DIY florals that friends came together and did for them. PERFECT.

Jake and Anabelle are such a beautiful pair. Watching and listening to their families coming together was an absolute dream. One of the things that stuck with me, and has been ringing in my ears ever since, was her dad’s toast to the two of them.

It was different than the “pour everything into your spouse first before yourself” mentality that our culture typically teaches. He said in order to love one another well, you MUST take care of yourself. Intellectually, physically, emotionally, all of it. Take care of yourselves as individuals first and as a by product, your relationship will thrive. Because you will be bringing your absolute BEST self to the table.


Talk about some good advice am I right?! I know Anabelle and Jake will take her dad’s advice and love themselves so that they can love each other well. They will adventure together and grow together and live their lives happy and full of love!

Jake and Anabelle- Thank you for allowing us a small part in your beautiful wedding day! We were absolutely honored and love you both dearly! Congratulations!