Dress like the Gingers | Our Boutique Clothing Booth in 410 Collective

We are SO excited to announce that Amanda and I will be starting a boutique clothing booth in 410 Collective, our shop in Downtown Denison. Currently we have humble beginnings with 3 styles of Jumpsuits and 1 style of Bralettes! For years we have searched for the perfect wedding outfits. Something cute and stylish, but also comfortable and functional! Well the search is over. All 3 of these jumpsuits are cute and SO comfortable and we wanted to share love! They come in small, medium, and large, and range from $38-$44 a piece! We also ship!

The awesome thing is, Amanda and I have different body types and these Jumpsuits fit both of us perfectly! Our friend and fellow photog, Hannah Hix, also looked AMAZING in our green jumpsuit. Our plan is to continue to expand our selection as we grow. So come on in and try one of these adorable rompers and bras and stay tuned for more!