Anvarian Birth | Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas


Anvarian Birth | Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas | Dallas Texas Photographer

We don’t even have words to describe this beautiful family y’all. When Alexis asked us to photograph her 3rd and last baby’s birth, we were over the moon excited! We LOVE births so much!

Amanda went back to the OR and Natalie stayed in the waiting room to hangout with Alexis and Reza’s adorable boys Kain and Kyren. These two are crossfit champs and showed us their skills! (Yall they are legit doing burpees in the first blog photo…)

Watching a life come into this world is unlike an experience I have ever had. And everytime we have done a birth, it’s the same feelings all over again! It’s so incredible! I may or may not have cried a little in the OR…okay I definitely did! Hearing those sweet baby girl cries and feeling the excitement of the room are just so amazing!

Alexis got back to the recovery room and it was time to bring the boys in to meet their new sister! Seriously the sweetest moments. All they wanted to do was touch her and kiss her. This baby girl is so lucky to have the best big brothers by her side!

We are SO SO thankful you chose us to photograph this incredible event Alexis and Reza!