Hey there! We're Amanda + Natalie!

We are Natalie and Amanda! Two north Texas photographers who ran successful portrait and wedding photography businesses before merging them to create Gingersnap Studios! We are mostly known for our matching (natural) fire red hair, use of way to many exclamation points (!!!!), and saying “YAS” way too much at sessions because YAS we love love our clients!

Gingersnap Studios, Sherman and Dension Texas United States Wedding and Portrait Photographers

We have a big dream fueled by a burning passion for capturing love in an authentic and joyful way. We laugh with our clients A LOT at sessions and weddings, which creates a naturally joy filled experience, and REAL smiles!

Our goal is to create an experience and connection like no other with our clients so that we turn sessions and weddings into genuine friendships. Because when you’re having your photos taken by a friend, it’s a heck of a lot easier to smile and be silly!

We would absolutely LOVE to chat with you and get to know you!

If you’d like to know a little more about us individually, keep scrolling, or you can contact us right here!


It's great to meet you!

I’m Natalie Popplewell.

I live in Denison Texas with my wonderful husband Andy and our 4 dogs. I am an animal lover and want to own a pet shop/rescue one day. In the mean time I have my four crazy fun puppers and that's close enough for me! When I’m not out photographing love stories with Amanda, you can find me at my historic building in downtown Denison with my best friend Avalon helping run her store, or snuggled up with my pups and Andy watching Netflix! I have loved photography my entire life. As a child I constantly took pictures with anything that resembled a camera and even had "sessions" with my stuffed animals. And now It’s my job! How crazy cool it is that I get to photograph people and preserve memories forever!

I’m so excited to get to know you!



Hey, friend!

I’m Amanda Mendenhall!

Born and raised in Sherman Texas, Wife to Erik, boy mom to 4 year old Eli, and our newest little boy Hudson born in April! We have two boy fur babies as well, so I’m definitely outnumbered! When I’m not out photographing love stories with Natalie, you can usually find me at home in yoga pants and a messy bun snuggling my boys, OR at Target (basically my second home) with an iced coffee in hand. I rock a spunky, half shaved head thanks to Alopecia Areata, I love all things vintage (especially vintage children books), and I try my best to live the most natural and organic life I can.

I’m a secretly sappy person and absolutely will tear up at your wedding, that father daughter/mother son dance gets me every dang time.

ready to chat?  let's do this!